Showing Your Skills [Distant Earth]

Technology is vast and exciting in the world of Distant Earth. Still, some people don’t have easy access to it due to their social standing or locale, and others simply don’t trust it. Thus, mechanical locks for doors and containers are still commonly used. And for everything else, there’s hacking.

Lockpicking and Hacking are two common Skills that an adventure-bound explorer, cyber-rogue, or Credit-seeking ne’er-do-well can possess. A character’s Skill set is determined by a collection of dice, that varies based on attributes, gear, and training. An urban systems analyst may roll 4d12 for a Hacking check, while an outland farmer might only roll 1d4. Perhaps this console had a DC of 6-6 (needing two rolls of 6 or higher to succeed.) Our outland farmer would be stumped, but there is a good chance the systems analyst has what it takes to hack his way in.



A desk has a lock with a DC of 4-4-4 (roughly simulating how many tumblers must be bypassed and how elaborate the lock is.)

A petty thief has a Lockpicking Skill set of 4d8s and 1d20.

He has: 2d8s from his natural dexterity modifier, one d8 from his specific training in lockpicking, 1d8 from his special stabilizing gloves, and 1d20 from a high-quality lockpick set that his father passed down to him.

He rolls all five dice. The results are 2, 6, 1, 4, and 13. He successfully unlocks the desk, because he needed to roll a minimum of 4 on three dice.

The same theory applies when trying to bypass the security on a computer system, or deactivate a guard turret. Depending on the difficulty of the Hacking Skill Check, a target set of numbers must be met at a minimum to succeed. It does not matter if you roll seven 1s and one 12 if the DC is 12 to pass, the one 12 makes it a success. Additional dice in your “set” represent your natural abilities, your training, and your special gear, all of which improve your odds of succeeding, but individual dice failures do not count against you.


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