My Life As A Mutant [Distant Earth]

Viruses and diseases are nothing new for Humanity, but alien mutagens brought by a species from some foreign world? Penicillin doesn’t quite cut it.

There are three distinct strands of mutagens that haunt the peoples of Distant Earth, and left unchecked they can cause a wide variety of mutations to occur.

Hideous deformations are the most common effect, but super-human resistances and vulnerabilities can occur as well. Combinations of the three strains in different amounts can create new and unexpected effects, such as rapid muscle growth, developing a new body part, or secreting a poisonous toxin from your glands.

While most sane people do their best to avoid succumbing to mutation, there are certain gangs, communities, and cities that embrace–or even encourage–acquiring a mutation.

For everyone else, there’s Fix.

Fix ensures that mutagens can’t take root in a healthy human, and can even reverse the process if used early enough. In the Droog, it cures disease and the negative effects they bring (the Droog cannot mutate.)

Humans that are firmly against mutation and cybernetics are self-proclaimed Clean Humans, and keep a steady flow of Fix coming into their exclusive communities.

Of course, not everyone can afford Fix, and some remote areas of the Outlands don’t have access to it at all. Don’t be surprised to encounter more mutants in these areas, both docile and feral.

And if you don’t take your daily dose of Fix, don’t be surprised if you wake up with an extra arm.









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