Modding Away The Weakness [Distant Earth]

While most Clean Humans take pride in keeping their bodies and minds natural and unscathed, Modders are willing to go to extremes to perfect the human condition. Why settle for plain sight when you could swap an eye out for a targeting sensor, or install a thermal retinal overlay? A simple non-intrusive data port in your skull can make navigating computer systems marginally faster. You don’t really need ALL of your fingers, do you? One or two could probably be replaced with a useful tool, or perhaps even a weapon.

Implants, replacements, and cybernetic modifications of all types can be found in Modder communities, and it’s one of the most profitable businesses on the planet. The adjoining of flesh and machine is a hobby for some, a lifestyle for others, and even a religion to an extreme few. You can dabble with minor improvements, or completely overhaul your inferior natural body; the choice is yours, as long as you’ve got the Creds.

Just make sure that you remember to take your Fix regularly, because mutations and cybernetics have a bad reputation for not mixing well in the same body. In fact, better just get that Mutagen Scrubber upgrade for your circulatory system, because who can be bothered to take Fix every day?





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