Movement [Distant Earth]

Combat in DE is more strategy based than most tabletop rpgs. A character is not going to have the standard “I move twenty feet, I drink a potion, I attack with my longsword, and then I move another ten feet” turn-based allotment of actions. Running straight toward a mutant that is firing a machine gun at you is not an easy feat to survive. Advancing slowly while firing and sprinting from cover to cover are much more likely actions, and full-on running is either done from stealth or cover, as a retreating last resort, or because of a fit of temporary heroic insanity.

Still, it’s good to have options.

Advancing Fire —  Grants you five meters of movement +/- 5 meters per SPD Bonus, as you fire your weapon. This can be as a full attack or as suppressing fire.

Move — You move at a normal speed while behind cover, in stealth, or even in the open for 5 meters per SPD Score.

Sprint — You roll your SPD Die, moving 5 meters per point of the result, granting a +1d6 to your defense pool.

Movement can grant additional bonuses or penalties depending on the situation and the actions of your allies or enemies. Covering Fire will help you move from point to point with less risk, and bull-rushing an enemy from a hidden flanking position is much safer than running straight at someone that knows your position.


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