Weaponry [Distant Earth]

Although there are only a few categories of weapons in the world of Distant Earth, their power, accuracy, and special abilities can differ greatly depending on the manufacturer.

Kleep: Kill For Cheap!

Kleep manufactures basic weapons for those on a shoestring budget. You won’t find the fanciest or most powerful weapons in the Kleep aisle, but you’ll always be able to afford them.

Armistice Armaments

AA makes reliable weaponry at an affordable price, and prides itself on guns that never jam and grenades that are never duds. Most police forces and mercenary units carry Armistice guns.

Fangor Munitions

Specializing in advanced-tech ammo like Pyro or Cryo rounds, Fangor takes basic guns and makes them special, and sometimes downright crazy. Their prices reflect this.


Although basic guns like pistols and rifles can come bearing the Juggernaut name, what they really excel at are explosives and heavy weaponry. Missile launchers and miniguns are usually a Juggernaut product.


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