All About The SP [Distant Earth]

In the BASE12 Universe of games, SP often means something different from one game to another. Sometimes it stands for Spell Points, sometimes it stands for Stamina Points, and sometimes it stands for Skill Points. It really could potentially stand for any pair of words that begin with the letters S and P. But there’s one common connection tying them together from one game world to another, and setting them apart from other Ps like HP and AP: You can SPEND them.

Sure, AP is consumed and HP is raised and lowered. But SP is actually spent, on purpose, with intention, at the player’s will. So what does SP stand for in the Distant Earth gameworld, and how or why would you spend it?

First of all, let’s define SP: Stamina Points. This is the collective expression of your ability to push yourself beyond your normal borders, to practice and practice and practice something until you get better at it even if you hate practicing it, and your overall ability/willingness/mental-emotional-physical capacity to augment what you already have and work harder for it. You know: Stamina.

The most basic use of SP comes at character creation, and again at the beginning of each new day cycle. You collect an amount of SP based on certain stats and factors, and then spend it to learn new skills and trainings. You can also Bank it for future spending, most often because you can’t afford what you want to get with it yet. Any amount that you don’t spend or bank immediately becomes your Max For Day, and this can be used for little boosts here and there like running faster or performing special actions. SP that you use from your Max For Day pool can be replaced throughout the day…but that’s it. At the end of the day, it all disappears and you start over with a fresh set of dice rolls and modifiers to see how much SP you start the next day with.  Banked SP carries over as long as you like, until you spend it on something, but it is never replenished unless you actively bank more of it.

So each new day cycle you will find yourself making a decision. Do I use all my SP now to get better at Hacking and using Sniper Rifles? Or do I save some of it for when I’m in a sticky combat situation and I need a little boost to make it to cover?  Finding a balance with SP will be a key part of Distant Earth, but remember, you can always start fresh the next day as long as you remember to eat your Mush to keep your strength up.